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I have received a number of emails from people who were amazed that I had added salt to the yeast/water mixture that is the start of each bread I make ( with the exception of sourdoughs, of course). They told me that salt kills yeast, and that this would affect how high the breads rose.


So, recently I decided to do an experiment. I made two loaves of identical white bread, but in one batch I added salt to the water mixture, and in the other, I added the salt to the flour, then added it to the water mixture. I kept them in separate bowls, and followed all the normal steps until they were done. ( if you would like to see how I make a regular white bread, please watch the video at


The result? The two breads were exactly the same. Same height, same consistency, everything. So, in my experience, adding salt makes no difference at all, except to the taste. If you don't add any salt at all, that shows up in the flavour of the bread. I prefer it with salt, so I am going to keep using it, and I see no risk in adding it to the water/yeast mixture.






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