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I like to experiment in the kitchen, so lately I have been messing around with using rice in my breads. The other night I had some cooked white rice and some corn niblets leftover from dinner, so I decided to try to make a bread out of it. It turned out quite well, so I thought I would share what I did with you.

The recipe is the same as a basic white bread, but with a few substitutions:

Add 2 tsp of instant dry active yeast into a large bowl, added two cups of warm water. Let it sit until it gets scummy on top, about then minutes.

Then I added:
2 tsp salt
2 cups white flour
four handfuls of cooked white rice
1 cup of mashed up cooked corn niblets

I mixed that together, then added another 2-3 cups of white flour until I had a good dough.

From then on, it was a regular white bread recipe:

I took the dough ball out of the bowl, oiled the bowl with some vegetable oil, placed the dough ball back in, flipping once.

Covered it with a damp tea towel.

Let rise for an hour.

I came back, punched down the dough. In this case, I rolled it out into baguettes, but I could have simply kneaded it in the bowl for two minutes, then placed into an oiled  bread baking pan.

( If you want to know how to make baguettes, go to the website, where I have two videos that show you how to do it, with and without a special baguette pan:

So, after kneading it for a minute or two, place in a bread pan to rise for another hour, covered under a tea towel.

The bread rose really well after that hour. So I simply preheated the oven to 425 ( since I was doing baguettes - 400F for a regular bread pan), placed some water in a pan so oven would get steamy.

I baked it for 30 minutes.

The crust was lovely, nice and crunchy. Inside, you could see the rice if you looked really hard, but the taste was a bit like a heartier white, but with a really light consistency.

Well worth doing again.

The reason this worked is that rice, like wheat, is a grain. Having cooked it already, it was nice and soft, so the two hours of rising and then the cooking softened it up even more.

Very yummy, and a great way to use some leftover rice.

Give it a try!

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Vickie said...
I wish you had shared a picture of this bread. It sounds interesting. I teach cooking (and sewing) at the middle school level. We are currently making bread using commercial yeast and sourdough starter.
March 9, 2013 08:35:21
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